DAY 66


I’m writing this sat on the sand, back down on the foreshore. Resting against the river wall; the sun’s out so it’s not too slimy with that raggy green weed that covers it when the tide’s far gone.

And even though it’s stupid o’clock someone’s already been down here because the words ‘FEAR IS A VIRUS’ have been scratched in the sand, big letters, etched with care; footprints smudged all around it, then wandering off as far as I can see.

I’ve not been able to sleep for a few days, which is why I’m here so early. It’s that man, the one I met down here...I keep thinking...I keep thinking about what...about what I said to him. And hoping it was enough, but that I could’ve, should’ve, said something more. Done something more.

I watched him go up the stairs. But did he come back? Like me, here again.

My face is hot from the sun. I look up and already the water is swallowing those words in the sand, changing their shape, changing their meaning.

I’ll pack up now, I’m tired and the tide comes in so fast down here I’m learning.


FOUND was written by Abi Zakarian
Co-directed by Emily Carewe and Jessica Rose McVay
Sound design by Anna Short
Illustrations by Katie Gabriel Allen
Website by NIMA

Ziazan - Jessie Bedrossian
Mama - Nathalie Armin
Lou - Rose Wardlaw
Reena - Amy Trigg
Kai - Emily Steck
Bunny - Gabby Wong
Mateo - Mika Onyx Johnson
Alejandro - Pedro Leandro
Man on Foreshore - Josh Finnan
Stevie - Ché Francis
Lena - Lilly Driscoll
Mary Lacy - Natasha Magigi